Message From Chairperson
Mr. Dinesh Upadhyaya
Message From Chairperson

Rastriya Beema Company Limited is the only government owned non-life insurance company established to conduct non-life insurance business. With a more than five-decade-long background, the company has made significant contributions to the expansion and consolidation of the insurance business. However, work is also underway to untangle some of the complexities of the initial stages of effectiveness.

As per its objectives, the company is working to create a safe and investment-friendly environment through insurance business and to mobilize the scattered savings as capital. The work of linking the insurance business with the traditional insurance business related to corporate business risk as well as all kinds of economic activities is gaining momentum. Similarly, the company is determined to expedite the process of expanding insurance services across the country through various technologies including health, agriculture, animal husbandry and microfinance through new technology and skilled manpower, realizing that the majority of the Nepali people are out of reach of insurance. The company considers its responsibility to provide insurance services to the general people in accordance with the spirit of the constitution and the policies and programs of the state and to make the economic activities of the general public feel safe and compensate for the losses.

The company is committed to earn the trust of the state, business sector, shareholders and the general Nepali people by facing all kinds of challenges and expanding sophisticated and modern service delivery based on efficient corporate governance with diligence in performance.

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