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About Rastriya Beema
Our Strength

Rastriya Beema Company Limited is the only non-life insurance company owned by the Government of Nepal. For the past 53 years, the company has been providing various insurance services to various ministries and agencies of the Government   of Nepal, public institutions, private business establishments and the general public with the objective of reducing financial risk and reducing foreign exchange...

Our Portfolio
Aviation Insurance
Aviation insurance is the insurance that is done to compensate for the loss that may occur due to any accident of an airplane / helicopter. Under this insurance, the passengers of the aircraft / helicopter, the crew members, the cargo… View All
Motor Insurance
Motor insurance is provided to compensate for loss of motor vehicle due to accident and loss of life of third party. Under motor insurance, three types of insurance policies are issued including motorcycle, private vehicle and commercial vehicle. View All
Property Insurance
Property is insured for financial compensation for loss of house, equipment, tools, goods and other movable and immovable property due to fire, lightning, earthquake, explosion, hurricane, flood etc. View All
Engineering Insurance
From the first work feasibility study of the construction plan to the completion of the construction as per the agreement, engineering insurance is provided for the financial compensation of losses due to accidents. Under this, there are risks such as… View All
Medical Aid Insurance
Under this insurance, real compensation is provided to the insured for the expenses incurred in case of medical treatment or hospitalization as per the advice of the doctor subject to the conditions mentioned in the insurance policy. Under this scheme, insured… View All
Miscellaneous Insurance
Travel Medical Insurance:  In case of illness or accident during foreign travel,foreign travel medical insurance is provided to compensate for the expenses including medical treatment, hospital fees and surgery. In such insurance, the claim payment of the insurer abroad can be taken directly… View All
Travel Medical Insurance
In case of illness or accident during foreign travel, this policy is provided to compensate for the expenses including medical treatment, hospital fees and surgery. In this type of insurance, the claim payment of the insurer abroad can be taken… View All
Marine Insurance
In the internal and external trade of the country, goods are transported from one place to another by sea, air or land routes using one or more of the other means of transportation. Under  this scheme, losses and damages that… View All
Crop Insurance This insurance works to prevent against the possible  loss of  crops due to natural disasters such as pests, diseases, hail, hurricanes and to protect the investments of the farmers. The insurance fee for this type of insurance is… View All
Agriculture & Livestock Insurance
Agriculture insurance is provided to prevent possible loss of crops due to natural causes such as pests, diseases, hail, hurricanes and to protect the investment of the farmers. The insurance fee for this insurance is 75 percent subsidy from the Government of Nepal.… View All
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