Organization Structure
Organization Structure

Composition of Board of Directors

Clause 27 of Articles of association of RBCL prescribes following composition of BOD:-

1. Two members including one chairman of BOD to be appointed by Nepal government
2. One member as representative of Employees provident fund.
3. One member as representative of Nepal Bank Limited.
4. One independent director appointed by BOD.
5. Two members from public share holding.


Share Structure: 

Share Holders Existing Structure  Planned Structure
Government of Nepal 47.50 41.03
Employment Provident Fund 22.00 19.37
Nepal Bank Ltd  10.96 9.60
Founder Group Total (a)  80.46 70.00
General Group Total (b)  19.54 30.00
Total (a) and (b)    100.00 100.00
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