Objective & Major Functions
Objective & Major Functions


  • To minimize financial risk of property damage through insurance business
  • To mobilize internal resources and capital for national development
  • To reduce foreign exchange burden in the national economy

Major Functions:    

  • To do non-life insurance business
  • To do reinsurance business in the country and abroad
  • Appointing, arranging, training day intermediaries, agents, brokers, surveyors, loss adjusters, investigators, etc. in the non-life insurance business
  • Acting as an agent, representative or broker of a reinsurer and a GSA of a foreign insurer
  • To invest the income earned from the business by identifying profitable areas
  • To act as a promoter of subsidiaries and other companies in areas that support the development of the national economy, including agriculture, industry, tourism, finance and housing
  • To enter into agreements with domestic and foreign companies and individuals regarding insurance and reinsurance and to participate in such agreements. To hand over the insurance policy and to do as per their need and desire
  • Doing other necessary work to fulfill the purpose of the company


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