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Corona virus (COVID 19) disease insurance policy proposal
Corona virus (COVID 19) disease insurance policy proposal

Corona virus (COVID 19) disease insurance policy
Since Rastriya Beema Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Insurer) has received the offer and declaration mentioned in the Schedule as the basis of this Agreement and also received the premium payment as mentioned in this Schedule, In case of Corona Virus (COVID-19) disease and the legal right of the recipient is proved, the insurer will pay the amount as per this policy subject to this agreement. The schedule, benefit schedules, definition, deductions, and terms of this policy will be considered as an integral part of this agreement.

Insured Disease:
Disease means if the insured person is infected with Corona Virus and is confirmed to be infected with Corona Virus (COVID-19) by the concerned doctor after undergoing Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test prescribed by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population or public body.

Physician refers to persons licensed by the Nepal Medical Council to act as physicians in accordance with the rules.

Insured person:
Refers to the person or persons named in the schedule of insurance policy.

Mandated Person:
Insured person's  Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test Coronavirus (COVID 19) Diagnosis of the person or persons desired by the Insured to receive the claim amount under this policy. If the Insured is a minor, the nominee will be nominated by the Insured's Guardian. If there is no desired person, it will be as per the prevailing insurance act.

Insurance period:
The period from the date of commencement of the insurance and from the time till the end of the term of insurance till midnight as mentioned in the schedule of this policy.

Public bodies:
Public body or authorized body means any governmental, semi-governmental, legal / constitutional body or entity empowered by law to enforce, seize, issue orders, investigate or decide / judge.

Claim Payment:
Subject to the terms, conditions, and exceptions of this policy, in case of infection of the above-mentioned disease, the sum insured mentioned in the schedule of insurance policy will be paid to the insured and in case of death of the insured without payment of the claim; the claim will be paid to the insured person or legal right.

Claim withdrawal method:
In case of making a claim from the insured event under this insurance policy, the insured must be given written notice along with the following documents within 7 (seven) days.

Documents required:
The following documents will have to be submitted for the purpose of claim settlement:

  1. Complete claim form,
  2. Unclaimed State (Exception):
    1. No claim in case of any other diseases except corona infection.

    Insurance period:
    The term of this policy will be 12 (twelve) months from the date of commencement of the policy. Upon receipt of the claim, the policy will automatically terminate and the other person's policy will continue till the insurance period.

    Terms of insurance:
    1. Age limit:
    In order to be covered under this policy and to avail any benefit, the insured must be below 3 months to 99 years.

    2. Archive inspection:
    The insurer may at any time during the insurance period of this policy inspect the records of the insured related to this policy. The insurer will have the right to interact with any or all of the insured's representatives for the verification of the claims process, the documents related to the claim process and claim processing under this insurance policy. In this work, the insured will have the right to interact with any or all representatives of the insurer. The insured will have to provide necessary assistance to the insurer in this work.

    3. Geographical boundaries:
    This policy is applicable only in case of residency within Nepal. In case the insured is out of Nepal, the policy will be inactive. In case of return to Nepal from abroad, the insurance policy will be automatically revived for 15 (fifteen) days after entering Nepal till the end of the insurance period.

    4. Compliance with the terms of the policy:
    It will be the duty of the insured to follow and comply with the terms and conditions and restrictions of this policy in the case related to the work to be followed by the insured.

    5. Caution:
    The insured person should take proper precautions to prevent him / her from getting infected with Corona virus.

    6. Special arrangement:
    The special provision placed in this policy, attached or inscribed in the policy as a separate document shall be considered as part of this policy.

    7. False claims:
    If a claim is forged or a false statement is made by the insured or any person working on his behalf seeks to avail any benefit under this policy or if he makes a claim intentionally or with the connivance of any other person, the insured will be deprived of all the benefits of this policy.

    8. Dispute in insurance policy:
    In case of any disagreement under this policy, it will be in accordance with the prevailing Insurance Act.

    9. Renewal Notice:
    The insurer may renew the policy if the insured so desires. However, the insurer will not be obliged to send a notice to renew or pay the premium.

    10. Notifications:
    Information, instructions or orders under this policy will be exchanged in writing by post, email, fax or handwriting.

    11. Customer service:
    If the insured needs any explanation or assistance, he can contact the insurer's office within office hours.

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