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Miscellaneous Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance: 
In case of illness or accident during foreign travel,foreign travel medical insurance is provided to compensate for the expenses including medical treatment, hospital fees and surgery. In such insurance, the claim payment of the insurer abroad can be taken directly through the Claim Assistance/Medical Service Provider Agency Group and Individual Accident Insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance
This insurance works to relieve the economic burden that may arise from possible losses as a result of individual accidents of persons. This scheme bears the compensation as per the insurance sum to the loss of limbs or organs, incapacitation of whole body, disability or death.

Cash In Transit Insurance
This insurance is available to schools, colleges or other educational institutions. This plan covers the possible losses or damages that may be incurred while shifting cash from one bank to the other or from one place to the other.

Burglary and House Breaking Insurance
This insurance is done against the damages caused by powerful and violent theft or loss of goods kept in safe places through the act of forceful and violent burglary or robbery.

Workers Compensation Insurance
In case of any employee or worker injured in an accident in an industry or factory or working in any establishment related to the work of the establishment, the worker's compensation is insured in accordance with the law.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance  
This insuranceis undertaken against the possible losses resulting from the lack of integrity of the employees involved in cash transactions working in the industry , commerce and banking sectors.

Bankers Vacant Insurance
According to the scheme, all transactions of financial institutions like banking, finance companies, etc. are insured under one umbrella rather than separate insurances for each.

Public Liability Insurance
This insurance ensures the unemployment of any person or organization is against the general public for possible loss or compensation.

Household Insurance
The scheme covers potential damages arising from fires, lightning, earthquakes, floods, landscapes, landslides, collisions of vehicles, burglary against stolen goods and goods and materials.

Group and Individual Accident Insurance
This insurance provides comprehensive coverage for all expenses related in the event of an accident or death of the insured person, group and individual accident insurer.

Student Safety Insurance
This is done against the risk of accidents and abductions that students may face in the period from the time they go to school to the time they return home from school.

Miscellaneous Insurance 
Under this head, other insurances as required may be done. For example: Crop Insurance, Livestock Insurance, Mountaineering Accident Insurance, Water Rafting Accident Insurance, etc.

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